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Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world. It is an official language in 22 countries and the Spanish Course for ForeignersEuropean Economic Community, and it is the second language in the US. It is therefore difficult to argue about the importance of learning Spanish nowadays. Spanish is only one language and yet it opens the doors to many worlds.

CELEC is a center specialized in Spanish for foreigners that combines both academic excellence and warmth of individualized education.

The best knowledge of a language is the one acquired through cultural and personal experience; a “living” language is best learned in its own world, its culture, its myths and everyday rituals. Assuming that, our school gives you the unique opportunity to combine “traditional” lessons in the classroom with an immersion in Argentinean culture and way of life.

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Why studying Spanish in Argentina and particularly in Cordoba?

  • Spanish as the mother tongue of all its population. Opposed to other countries such as Spain itself where several different languages coexist, Study Spanish in Argentinaor other Latin American countries where many indigenous languages are spoken along with Spanish.
  • Cultural life. The Spanish spoken here is very rich. This region is known worldwide as a proud producer of culture, both in literature and arts. Cordoba is an important cultural and tourist center.
  • Ease of adaptation. In spite of the former economic crisis, there is a high living standard and a large educated middle class, and therefore the student would not feel a cultural shock.
  • Location. At the very heart of Argentina, Cordoba offers easy and cheap access if you want to travel around the country (Iguazu Falls, Patagonia, Mendoza, Northern Argentina or Buenos Aires).
  • Climate. Warm and pleasant, with an average temperature of 20º C (68º F).
  • Mixture of traditions and modernity. Cordoba is a safe historic and traditional city, but also modern, lively and exciting.
  • University Life. Cordoba is famous for its pleasant university life.
  • Direct Immersion into the Local Life. Although the number of foreign tourists visitors keeps growing, their presence does not modify the city’s way of life, providing an excellent chance of knowing everyday Argentinean life.


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The “Asociación de Centros de Idiomas” (Language Schools Association) of the Argentine Republic has a protection program for students of Spanish as a foreign language called DEFENSORIA DEL ESTUDIANTE where users of credited centers may make suggestions, claims and any comments related to their experience as a student of Spanish in Argentina. In order to improve the services provided by our associates or to make a claim you may write to

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